Universal Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, and California King Bed Frame


The King/California King Bed Frame will adjust down to Queen, Full, Twin XL, or Twin.

This bed frame is universal and can be used for sizes King to Twin.

When it's moving time, or time to fit a new mattress, the Universal Bed Frame makes change easy because it quickly adjusts. Long-lasting and highly-adjustable, it allows you to purchase one frame that fits virtually any bed size. Its primary legs are reinforced with the patented Tri-Support™ system creating optimal frame support. The nine-leg design includes either 2.5" in-line rug rollers or 3" wide glides that are metal reinforced for exceptional stability; in addition, an extra-wide 2.5" double-rail center support is utilized for all sizes. Frame width adjusts between 38 inches and 76 inches.


  • Patented Tri-Support™ system creates optimal frame support

  • Nine-leg support for exceptional stability

  • Extra-wide 2.5” double rail center support utilized for all sizes

  • 2.5" in-line rug rollers and 3" wide glides are metal reinforced


Queen/Full/Twin XL/Twin Bed Frame


This Queen bed frame is free standing & adjustable down to Full, Twin XL & Twin.

This bed frame also comes with a bracket to bolt a headboard to.


  • Seven legs and center support (Queen & Full)

  • Tri-Support™ leg design

  • Center support for queen and full

  • Patented Tri-Support™ system creates optimal leg support (on Malouf Structures frame)

  • Seven-leg support for exceptional stability, plus 1.5" center support on queen and full sizes (on Malouf Structures frame)

  • 2.5" in-line rug rollers (available & may need to be special ordered) and 3" wide glides are metal reinforced comes standard 

  • Locking legs create triple-thick steel support

  • Universal headboard brackets


Twin, Twin XL, Full, and Full XL Bed Frame


This free standing sturdy bed frame adjusts to either Twin, Twin XL or Full and features a bracket to bolt a head board to if desired.

Twin/Full LT Adjustable Bed Frame w/ glides

  • Tri-Support leg design
  • Universal headboard brackets
  • Easy setup and adjustment
  • Patented Tri-Support™ system creates optimal leg support