How can you sell mattresses at 50-75% off of retail?

When a major retail chain or manufacturer needs to clear last year's stock, overstocks, slightly scuffed, comfort trials, cancelled orders, demonstrators, bankruptcy buy-outs and more, Dover's gets involved and our customers end up with an unbelievable deal.

Can I purchase a mattress only?

Yes, most mattresses are priced as mattress-only. If you need a box/foundation, just add it on.

What are the differences between Euro-top and Pillow-top?

The Euro-top is normally taller than the Pillow-top. Euro-tops have an additional layer of padding on the top of the mattress. Some even say they feel a little firmer. The Pillow-top edges are stitched down along the edge of the mattress and look like a pillow.

What is the significance of coils?

Coils provide the support you feel in a mattress. Low-price mattresses are made with cheaper coils units. Higher coil-count normally means a better supported mattress, but the coil count isn't the most important part in a coil unit. The quality and gauge make a difference in the support of your mattress.

Are all mattresses one sided?

Most name-brand mattresses manufactured today are one-sided mattresses, but we have a big selection of two-sided flippable mattresses, along with name brand one sided mattresses.

Do I have to replace my box spring?

No. We recommend replacing your box spring if it is more than 10 years old, squeaks, moves, has broken parts or makes noise.

What are split-queen box springs?

Split-queen box springs are two pieces that are half the width of a standard queen box spring. They are 30”w x 80" and take two to make a set. These are recommended for instances where stairs turn or for hallways that are narrow and do not have enough space for a queen box spring to turn or enter through. (This is the same reason king box springs are split.)

Do you deliver?

Yes, we have contract delivery and even set-up available. Ask about set-up. Rates are low but vary from store to store due to being mostly contract. (You pay the driver cash.) All mattresses are available for same-day pick-up.

Can I pick up any mattress that I purchase today?

Yes, all mattresses are available for same-day pick-up. If you see it for sale, it's available to take home today or schedule for delivery.

What brands can I expect to find?

We shop hard to find luxury at a value for you. Do not be shocked to find discounted Serta, Sealy, Stearns & Foster, BeautyRest, Simmons, PosturePedic, iComfort, Major Hybrid Brands, Major Gel Memory Foam Brands, Hotel By Aireloom and so much more in each of our retail stores, discounted, on average, 50-75% off of the huge mark-up of other local mattress stores. You will find our mattress prices so shockingly low.

What are the different sizes of mattresses?

Mattress sizes are as follows:

  • Twin: 39" w x 75" L
  • Twin XL: 39" w x 80" L
  • Full: 54" w x 75" L
  • Queen: 60" w x 80" L
  • California King: 72" w x 84" L
  • King 76" w X 80" L
What are the differences between Plush, Firm and Pillow/Euro-top mattresses?

All mattresses will vary.

Plush mattresses are a great option if you do not want super-firm or super-soft mattresses. These are soft mattresses with upholstery layers designed for a soft feel but great support. These are good for “side sleepers” and “back sleepers.” 

Firm mattresses are the hardest mattress available. Firm mattresses can/will have different feels. Many firm mattresses will have a firm layer, while the tops will vary in how much cushion will be on top. Be careful to choose the comfort level that feels best for your body. You can choose a mattress that's too hard for your body's desired support. Firm is also good for “back sleepers” and “stomach sleepers.”

Pillow-top/Euro-top mattresses are thought to normally be the softest and normally thicker than a firm or plush mattress. Pillow tops have extra layers of comfort layers to give them a softer feel. Firm pillow tops can be found and are starting to be more common. Firm pillow tops are normally found in more expensive mattress lines. They use harder thick comfort layers.

What are the comfort layers?

Comfort layers in your mattress will vary from mattress to mattress. The padding materials just under the quilt on top of the mattress are called comfort layers. This padding provides cushioning for comfort and helps you not to feel the coils (if applicable). Comfort layers can consist of soft or firm foams, different types of gel, memory foam, and latex.

What are closeout mattresses?

Closeout Mattresses are mattresses that are discontinued, clearance buyouts, closeouts, scuffed, overstock, freight blemish, comfort trial exchanges, slight fabric tear, cosmetic blemish, floor models, bankruptcy buyouts, delivery refusals etc. Ask us for a warranty. We take care of our customers! 

What are the differences between a foundation/box and a box spring?

A foundation/box is a box that looks just like a box spring but has no coils or metal inside the box. 

A box spring is a traditional box with coils, springs or metal inside.

What are the different foundation and box spring heights?

Standard height is 9” thick.

There is an option to lower your mattress height to 7” thick, but this is normally only available in a foundation, not box springs.

Low-profile mostly refers to box springs and ranges in height from 4½” to 6” thick.  (This is great for the elderly).

Are your prices negotiable?

We sell name-brand discounted mattresses at the rock-bottom price but often run specials and advertise them on our Facebook pages. We will work with you on quantity purchases. Hotels even shop with us because our prices are so low. If you own a hotel or camp, please contact Jimmy or Nicholas for a special business-quantity price.

What do you sell?

We sell almost every major name brand & size mattress available (except for baby cribs), adjustable bases, mattress protectors, sheets, platform frames , bed frames, pillows, box springs, adjustable friendly mattresses, etc.